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I’m Lynn, founder and chief strategist at LAD. I approach marketing and business communications differently than other marketers. My first love was journalism and so I look for details that set a brand, a product, or a leader apart, and I use those details to create marketing hooks that reel in customers and motivate them to click, call, or seal the deal.

I spent 10 years learning how to tell amazing stories at the Baltimore Sun, a newspaper made famous by its reputation for hard-hitting and reliable journalism, as well as David Simon’s gritty HBO series The Wire, which included a fictional version of the newspaper and its newsroom.

Since I left journalism, I have learned a lot about marketing and communications, including the use of social media and digital tools to promote brand awareness, and I have worked in corporate, non-profit, and higher education environments in Washington, Baltimore, London, Paris, Brussels, and more recently, the beautiful Midwest.

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Using engaging content and savvy digital tools to boost marketing ROI

About LAD

If you’re here you’re probably looking to up your marketing game and that’s great because that’s what we do – create stellar marketing and communication strategies for better client engagement, improved client loyalty, and less stress about the bottom line.

At LAD, we create innovative marketing plans that get results. Whether it’s through effective brand storytelling, segmented client messaging, buzz-worthy public relations, or cutting-edge digital tools, we’ll create the best strategy for your brand. And, because we’re fun and friendly people, you’ll probably have a blast working with us.

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I hope you’re here because you’re ready to take your marketing and communications to the next level. So, what do you say? Shall we do this?


How can we help you?


LAD cuts out the blah and boring to create messaging that sparks interest and generates leads. We can help with newsletters, white papers, internal employee communications and more.

Public Relations

LAD knows what journalists need to meet their deadlines. We’ll create customized press releases for your business and follow up with reporters to be sure you get your media buzz.

Digital Marketing

LAD tracks digital trends to help you stay ahead. If you need help with social media, email, pay-per-click advertising or any other type of on-line marketing, we’ve got you covered.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Sometimes, clients need us to handle their entire strategy or back up the in-house marketing department. At LAD, we can assemble the team you need to reach your marketing goals.

Content Creation

At LAD, we’re wordsmiths at heart. We can use our writing skills to create content for websites, blogs, social media posts, and C-suite messaging. We also ghost write editorials and e-books.

Kudos and Praise

Example 2

Lynn is relentless when it comes to client satisfaction. She uses sophisticated content and digital marketing strategies to capture new clients and turn existing ones into loyal followers.

Kelly Finn
Founder and CEO of FinnPREP

Example 1

I worked with Lynn when she was at EDHEC Business School in France. Lynn has strategic vision, a strong results orientation, and an ability to engage internal partners and translate their expertise in compelling ways to strategically important audiences.

Monique Valcour, PhD
PCC, Executive coach, Harvard Business Review contributor, and management professor

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